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My business is words and their most effective use.


Department for Environment and Heritage. 2007. No species loss: A nature conservation strategy for South Australia 2007–2017. Government of South Australia, Adelaide.

Dickman, C and Woodford Ganf, R. 2007. A fragile balance: The extraordinary story of Australian marsupials. Mallon Publishing, Clifton Hill, Vic. Awarded Royal Zoological Society of NSW Whitley Medal for 2008.

  • rewrite science for popular consumption (e.g. Getting Warmer series for The Islander)
  • manage the editing and document control on large projects

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Department of Treasury and Finance. 1998–2002. State Budget Papers 1998–99 to 2001–02. Government of South Australia, Adelaide.



  • run courses in basic writing and editing skills for government departments, universities, organisations
  • write and distribute 'Writing tip of the week'

"Thank you Kathie. This has been the most useful training course I have attended." Human Resources consultant, 2010

For more examples, download my CV 160kb PDF