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writing, editing, training services
for business, government, organisations

The written word is a powerful implement that, handled with imagination and style, can inform, persuade, instruct, cajole, inspire, amuse and entertain.

Kathie Stove — the heart and sole operator of in writing — has the imagination and style to find the words that will work for you and your organisation.

Contact Kathie at 0417 086 870 or email

writing: articles, newsletters, executive summaries, brochures, posters, web content. editing: reports, books, newsletters, websites. structural evaluation: websites, reports, brochures, forms, questionnaires. managing editor: large proposals, major reports, EISs. training: basic writing skills courses, writing tip of the week.


“ Kathie Stove has a true gift of being able to edit and express detailed technical information and narrative, into clear, concise and understandable wording."    Stuart Glenn, Chairman, FYFE